Homtech, Inc
Homtech, Inc
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All fees are subject to additional fees considering age of properties and mileage from office. Please call for details when scheduling.

Condo or Townhome Truth In Housing

Single Family Truth In Housing

Duplex Truth in Housing
Robbinsdale Point of Sale
Robbinsdale Point of Sale Duplex
Buyer Inspection Condominium
Buyer Inspection Townhouse
Buyer Inspection Single Family
$425.00 up to 2500 square foot
Buyer Inspection Single Family
$450.00 2501 to 3000 square foot
Buyer Inspection Single Family
$475.00 3001 to 3500 square foot
Buyer Inspection Single Family
$525.00 3501 to 4000 square foot
Duplex Buyers Inspection
Sellers Home Inspection
Radon Test
Minneapolis Single Family Truth in Housing
Minneapolis Duplex Truth in Housing