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Hopkins Truth In Housing


It is a required evaluation of each residential property that is for sale. It provides prospective buyers with information about the condition of the house and garage. The evaluator will conduct a visual inspection of all aspects of the house and garage and rate them as "Meets Minimum Requirements, Below Minimum Requirements, Repair/Replace or Comment". The rating system is based on current codes.

What Is The Purpose Of A Truth-In-Housing Evaluation?
To eliminate any health and safety concerns in the City of Hopkins neighborhoods.

Is It Required Of All Residential Properties For Sale?
A Truth-in-Housing Evaluation report is required when a single family, two-family, three-family, four-family dwelling, condominium, or townhouse is for sale.

When Should The Evaluation Be Conducted?

The property must be evaluated before offering the property for sale. The Truth-in-Housing Disclosure Report must be made available to all prospective buyers.

Who Evaluates The Property?
Independent evaluators who are certified to conduct evaluations in the City of Hopkins. Evaluators are private inspectors who are licensed with the Cities of Minneapolis, St Paul, or Bloomington.

How Much Does An Evaluation Cost?
Evaluation fees vary and are set by the evaluators.

What Happens After The Evaluation?
After the evaluation report has been completed the evaluator will file the report with the City of Hopkins. Only the items marked, as Repair/Replace must be corrected before the sale of the property. The City of Hopkins Housing Inspector must re-inspect the property, at no fee to the seller, to make sure that the required repairs/replacements have been made.

What Documents Do I Need for Closing The Sale?
You must bring a Certificate of Approval for the property for sale to the closing. You will not be able to close on the property without the certificate. If there were no items marked as Repair/Replace the certificate will be mailed to the property owner listed on the Truth-in-Housing Disclosure report. If there were Repair/Replace items found at the property the certificate will be issued to the seller at the time of the re-inspection.

Is The Evaluation A Warranty?
No. The evaluation is not a guarantee or warranty of any kind. The evaluation is a visual inspection of the property. The evaluator will not dismantle any building, mechanical or plumbing component and cannot attest to conditions that are hidden due to inaccessibility.

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