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Minneapolis Truth-In-Housing


In Minneapolis all Single-family houses, Duplexes, Townhouses, and First-time condo conversions require a truth in housing when offered as Sale by owner, Sale by real estate agent, Real estate agent-assisted sale, Contract-for-deed, or Other title transfer.

The Truth-in-Housing ordinance is meant to provide accurate information on the condition of property for sale and to help Minneapolis keep up the quality of housing available in the city.

The Truth-in-Housing requires:
  1. An evaluation to say what condition a house is in.
  2. Requirements for things that must be fixed when a house is sold. (Click here for more on required repairs.)
A licensed evaluator (Homtech, Inc.) must complete a Truth-in-Housing evaluation and provide a disclosure report before any single-family house, duplex, townhouse, or first-time condo conversion can be shown to prospective buyers.

A re-inspection must be done after any required repairs have been completed. This is separate from the initial evaluation.

How long is a truth in housing good for?

The truth in housing report is good for two years from the date on the report for the named owner only.

Display the Truth-in-Housing Evaluation

The seller must keep a copy of the Truth-in-Housing Evaluation (disclosure report) on the property so that potential Buyers can see it when they look at the property. A pre-inspection report cannot take the place of a disclosure report.

Resources / links to Minneapolis Website: